This has probably been our single most requested feature since we launched...the ability to embed a PodInbox widget on your website. The reason some of you wanted this is to give your fans the ability to leave audio messages directly on your website.

Well, you asked...and we listened!

Today, we're launching our new widget embed feature, where you can simply make our audio recording widget appear right in your website. Here's a peak at how the widget looks!


Let us brag about this widget a bit!

1. Our widget integrates with your dashboard inbox.

- Messages received from your widget will be captured in your PodInbox dashboard.

2. Our widget comes in 2 flavors right out-of-the-box.

- As an inline widget or a popup widget.

3. Our widget requires the fan to create an account or login.

- This helps you collect fans' contact info and helps minimize spam.

4. Our widget supports our multi-inbox.

- If you have more than 1 inbox for your show, your fans can toggle through your inboxes right in the widget.

To Use The Widget

To Use The Widget, login to your Dashboard > Show Page, and click the new "Embed" tab.

There, you'll see 2 options: the inline widget and the popup widget. These 2 options let you be creative with how you want to integrate PodInbox into your site.

The inline widget lets you put our widget directly onto your page, wherever you want the widget to appear. Just copy our embed code, and paste it directly into your HTML. Once you load the page, our widget will appear where you added our embed code.

The popup widget lets you use our widget as a popup modal. This means that you can set up a link or button on your website to activate our recording widget as a popup. This is a great option if you have a lot going on in your page already, and just want to use a link to open our recording interface. Simply add our custom HTML attribute to your button or link, include our script code in that page...and viola, our recording widget should now appear on your page when a visitor clicks that link.

Well, we hope you enjoy this feature, and we can't wait to see the creative ways you might integrate it into your website!