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Sorry if you just received a bunch of "New Audio Message" emails!


Oops...sorry if you just received a batch of "New Audio Message" emails from PodInbox.

On Sunday, Nov 20, at around 1:15p PST...we just launched a new audio transcription feature (read more about this new feature here).

And as part of this new feature release, we backfilled the transcriptions of all existing audio messages on our platform.

As part of the backfilling, we sent you, the fan page owner, an email notification of all your past audio messages that we successfully batch-transcribed. Fortunately, we stopped it part way through, but many of you still might've received a bunch of "New Audio Message" email notifications.

So, if you just received a batch of these emails today...sorry for the confusion! We hope this explains what happened. We're working hard (yes, even on Sunday) to bring you this great new transcription feature, and we went a bit too fast.

Sorry again for any confusion, but we do hope you enjoy this new transcription feature!