A lot of our users tell us that they're driving their fans to their PodInbox page than to any other website they own. That's awesome! Since PodInbox is becoming a primary landing page for fans, we wanted to make sure fans know where else to find and follow you.

With this new feature, you can now showcase your outbound links on your PodInbox show page. This gives your fans quick links to your email, podcast website, social media profiles, and to your podcast on the popular podcast players.


To get started, simply go to your dashboard, then to your show page, and under the "links" tab, you can click on the various link icons to add them to your show page. After you enter the actual URLs in the fields and press save, the corresponding icons will appear on your show page.


Hope you enjoy this new feature! Just another way we're trying to help make it easier for you to connect with your fans!