Our New WordPress Plugin!

New Feature

We now have a PodInbox WordPress Plugin! Our new plugin lets you easily add our floating widget to your WordPress website. This is a great way to start collecting audio messages from your website visitors and have their messages go directly into your PodInbox inbox.

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The PodInbox WordPress plugin couldn't be simpler. Installing and setting up the plugin should take less than a couple of minutes. After your plugin is set up, the PodInbox floating widget will appear on all pages of your WordPress website, ready to record audio messages from your visitors.

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To set this up for your WordPress website, simply....

  • Search for the "podinbox" plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, and install the plugin.
  • On your WordPress plugins page, click "settings" under the PodInbox plugin.
  • On the PodInbox Plugin settings page, it will ask you for your PodInbox Show ID...so let's go get it.
  • Login to your PodInbox dashboard, and click on Show Page.
  • Click on the Widgets tab, and with Floating Widget selected, copy your PodInbox Show ID.
  • Now, head back to your WordPress plugin and paste your Show ID, and click save changes.
  • Finally, toggle "enable floating widget on your website, to "ON" and click save changes.

That's it! Now, you'll see the PodInbox floating widget on all pages of your WordPress website, ready to collect audio messages from your fans! The audio messages your fans record in this widget will go directly into your PodInbox inbox, ready for you to playback, download, and reply to.

Some FAQs about our PodInbox WordPress plugin...

- The plugin is totally free and creating a PodInbox hobby account is totally free.

- With a paid PodInbox account, you can control some of the design options of the widget.

- Visitors leaving audio messages in the widget will need to create an account.

- Since visitors need to create an account to leave a message, we capture those contacts and make them accessible to you in your PodInbox dashboard.

If you're having issues with the PodInbox WordPress Plugin...

- Try changing the script placement inside the Advanced Settings of the plugin.

- Make sure you have at least 1 active PodInbox inbox for your show.

- Make sure you copied the correct PodInbox Show ID.

- If all the above doesn't work, please email us at support@podinbox.com.