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Now…You Can Receive Typed Messages on Your Fan Page

New Feature

Most of you are already using PodInbox to receive Audio Messages from fans. Now, it’s just as easy to also receive typed messages!

We realize, not all your fans are comfortable recording audio messages…so we wanted to help engage them as well!


Website - Fan Page Mockup (7)


How to Use

To accept typed messages in your inbox, just login to your dashboard, and in your inbox settings, simply toggle on “Allow text messages”. That’s it! Now, fans visiting your fan page will also have the option to submit a text message.


Why Use This

Many of the top podcasters know the power of fan engagement. When you ask them to take an, asking questions for an AMA episode, or sharing their're building a deeper bond with your audience and creating superfans.

This new feature simply lets you engage with more of your fans! And when they engage, we help you build your audience email list.


Spam Protection Included

You might be thinking, will this potentially introduce spam?

We agree. Since text messages are a lot easier to create than audio messages, we also built a couple of features to prevent spam.

Now, we set a limit of 2 messages per day a fan can post on a fan page. In the future, we may allow you, the fan page owner, to customize the daily message limit. But for now, we think this limit will protect you against potential spam, while giving fans ample opportunity to engage with you and your show!


PS…next up, we’re building a feature that will appeal to podcasters working with sponsors. Stay tuned!