Now, you can invite team members to help manage your PodInbox account!

Even though PodInbox is super easy to use, it can still be useful to give your team members access to your account to help manage your audio messages. For example, if you work with an editor, you can invite them as a team member to download audio messages from fans to include on your episodes.

Or, if you have a co-host that also needs to access the account, you can now include your co-hosts as team members. They'll also have access to reply to fan messages from their profile!

Activating this feature is simple. Just login, click "account" in the main menu, and click the new "team" tab. Once there, all you need to do is click "add team member" and provide their email. That's it! Your team member can now create a free account and access your account.

And if you ever need to remove that team member, that's also super easy. Just go to the team tab and click "remove".

Hope you enjoy this new feature! It's just another way we're making PodInbox easier to use in your podcasting workflow.