New updates and improvements to podinbox

New Options for Message Tips and General Tips


Many of you asked for more granular options for message tips and general tips. So with our newest update, we now have separate options for these 2 features. To access these new settings on your dashboard, just click monetization from the main menu, and there are 2 new tabs for general tips and message tips...



The first new option you'll see is the ability to toggle each one on or off. We recommend you keep both on, to give your fans more ways to engage and support your show. But, this option gives you the flexibility to activate them individually on your fan page.

Now, you can also define your suggested amounts for each. Prior to this, the suggested amounts were a global setting for your fan page. Now, you can have a different set of suggested amounts for your message tips and general tips.

Finally, you can now customize a different thank you message for both general tips and message tips. This gives you the flexibility to thank your fans differently, depending on which action they take. We also include this custom thank you message in the email confirmation we send to your fan.

Over time, we'll be adding even more granular settings to really help you customize your fan page!