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Just wanted to announce several new improvements and fixes we just added!


NEW - Leaderboard Toggle On/Off

You can now toggle the Leaderboard on or off on your Fan Page!

This new setting is pretty easy. Simply login to your dashboard, click "monetization" from the main menu, and on the Leaderboard tab, there's a new toggle option to "Show Leaderboard on Fan Page". If you toggle it off, the leaderboard will no longer be displayed on your Fan Page.


NEW - Customize The "Leave a Tip" Label

Some users wanted to customize the area on the Fan Page where it says "Leave a Tip". We loved that idea! So, now you can easily customize that to say whatever you want! (well...within 20 characters max). Some ideas might be "Support My Podcast", "Buy Me Dinner", or "Donate Now". It's up to be creative!


NEW - Reward Level 1 Can Now Be Toggled Off

We really encourage you to create some reward levels...both to reward your fans for their support, and to earn more money!

But, we recognize some of you might not be ready to launch your reward levels yet. So, now you can turn your default reward level to draft until you're ready to publish your rewards. When ALL your rewards are toggled off, the entire rewards section just disappears from your Fan Page.

Your default 1st reward level is still set at $1. If you're not into a $1 reward level, no worries. Just keep this reward level off and create more reward levels at whatever price you want!


NEW - Contacts Now Has "Added" Date

We thought it'd be nice to know when a new fan was first added to your contacts list, so we added the date a fan was first added to your Contacts List. Just a reminder, Contacts List is viewable for Paid accounts only, so just head over to Contacts List to see the new "Added" column.


FIX - Video Avatar Now Works in Safari and iOS

There were some issues with our Video Avatars (for the welcome video and inbox video). Now, it's working across all browsers!