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New Chat Rooms Feature!

New Feature

You can now enable a text-based chat room on your fan page to help build your community!

For a while now, y'all have asked for a feature to let fans interact with each other. So, we created chat rooms. Chat rooms are a simple and effective way for podcasters to build community and encourage audience engagement. Fans want to chat with each other and connect around a common interest…your podcast. PodInbox chat rooms provide a turnkey solution for this.


And being an integrated feature in our fan page platform, podcasters can optionally monetize their chat rooms with a flat-fee or a monthly subscription, by making it a private chat room.

How It’s Different

Unlike other more complex community platforms and dedicated chat apps, PodInbox chat rooms are simple. It’s a real-time, text-based chat, that conveniently lives right on your PodInbox fan page.

We see it as an entry point to activate passive listeners. Chat should be a low-barrier fan action. When fans participate in a chat room on your fan page, they’re taking the first step into being a member of your community.

It's not designed to be something overly complex or burdensome, like Slack or Discord. Rather, it's meant to be lightweight and welcoming, like a YouTube live chat.

Also, we want to help podcasters know their listeners. So when a fan participates in your chat room, we organically capture them right in your PodInbox contacts list.

If you already run a membership group, like a community, course, or cohort...we still a chat room is a good "first step" into your other paid offerings.

How It Works

PodInbox chat rooms are available on all PodInbox account tiers. You can enable or disable your chat room with a simple toggle.

You can easily set your chat room’s cost for access…with options being free, one-time payment, and monthly subscription. The exact pricing is totally customizable. Creating a private chat room is a great way to monetize and reward your engaged fans.

You can learn more about our new Chat Rooms here. Enjoy!