New Business Tier Accounts!

New Feature

We've been working hard on this feature...and we're finally proud to announce our new Business Plan tier!

Don't worry, for all our current Pro Plan users, your account works exactly the same as it did before, under your current Pro Plan.

But, if you now want to run PodInbox for more of your podcasts, our new Business Tier supports up to 3 podcasts with 3 PodInbox show pages...all under 1 account, 1 login.


Our new Business Plan is just $19 per month, perfect for those who run multiple podcasts. To upgrade to this plan, all you need to do is go to your dashboard > Account > Plan tab...then select PodInbox Business...and checkout!

Once you have the new plan, you click on the Shows tab to add up to 3 shows!

Along with this new feature, we've revamped our "team members" feature so that you can add a separate set of team members based on each show. This gives much more flexibility for podcast networks to create different teams for different shows.

We invested a lot of time into this new feature, knowing that business-level podcasters are now relying on PodInbox to run their fan engagement practices!