This is a huge update! We now support multiple inboxes per show page!!

We learned that many of our customers want to have separate inboxes on their PodInbox show page to collect different types of audience voice messages.

For example, a podcaster might want to create separate inboxes for listener questions, stories, feedback, and rants...and have separate prompts for each. Another podcaster might even create a new inbox for a new episode topic every week.

With our new multi-inbox feature, you can get creative on unique ways to engage your audience using PodInbox!


How It Works

Every pro account comes with our new multi-inbox feature. If you want create more inboxes, all you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your PodInbox dashboard
  2. Click "show page" to manage your show page
  3. Click the "inboxes" tab
  4. Click the "add an inbox" button (this creates a "draft")
  5. Fill out all the required fields
  6. Save your new inbox
  7. Toggle the new inbox "on" to make it public on your show page

It's that easy.

You can add as many inboxes as you want, and delete them if you no longer need them. Just be careful with deleting inboxes, as that will also delete all the audio messages belonging to that inbox. Alternatively, you can also just toggle inboxes "off" to hide them on your PodInbox show page.

Multiple Inboxes on Your Show Page

Now on your show page, your fans can swipe or click through to your other inboxes if you have more than one. The inbox in the center of your show page is the active inbox. We display all the audio messages of an inbox under the active inbox in the center.

To change the order of your inboxes, just go to your dashboard > show page > inboxes tab, and drag the inbox up or down to rearrange the order. This will change the order of your inboxes on your public show page.

Managing Inbox Messages

To view and manage the audio messages of a specific inbox, just go to your dashboard > inbox, and in the dropdown menu, select to view all messages or just messages from a specific inbox.