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Free Message Transcriptions!

New Feature

Now, when fans record an audio message on your podcast fan page, you’ll get that message transcribed automatically…for free! 

You heard that right, we’re now providing free voice transcriptions!

This works a bit like visual voicemail, and here’s what it looks like…


There's nothing you need to do to turn this this new feature is toggled on by default.

Also, if you’re using our embeddable widget on your podcast website, you’ll also gain the benefit of voice transcriptions. Any audio messages recorded with your widget, will be transcribed in your PodInbox dashboard and in your notification email. 

If for some reason you’d like to hide your transcriptions on your fan page…just login to your dashboard, edit your inbox, and toggle off “Show transcriptions”. But, we recommend just leaving it on!

We’re still labeling this new feature as “beta”, since we’re continually working on the accuracy and speed of these transcriptions.

On some rare occasions, new messages might not get auto-transcribed when submitted. Don’t worry. You can always manually trigger the transcription with the “transcribe” link inside every untranscribed voice message.

We now also include the transcription in your notification email, whenever you receive a new audio message. It’s just a convenient way for you to read the audio message, before listening to it on PodInbox. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature! It's just another way we're making fan engagement a bit easier and more sustainable.