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Fan Page Redesign!

New Feature

Up until now, we've given you a PodInbox "show page", where your fans can go to leave you audio messages and fan donations.

Our simple show page design was great when we first launched with only an audio recorder. But since then, we've added at least 5 more actions your fans can take on your show page! With these extra added features, and even more coming, we realized our simple page design can now use an update.

So today, we're excited to announce that we're now referring to your public "show page" as your PodInbox "fan page". Groovy right?!

More importantly, we're releasing a brand new fan page layout, with a couple of extra features!

Here's a sneak peek of the new look!

Website - Fan Page Mockup (1)

What's New

As you can see, the page has ALL the same functionality...but looks a lot more interesting visually and way more intuitive for your fans to interact with the growing list of features.

Here are several things to note in this new redesign.

Intuitive Page Sections

We pretty much broke down our page into 3 main page areas...

  • Header Section
  • Audio Inboxes
  • Fan Monetization

By separating out these 3 main sections into unique areas on the page, it makes it much more intuitive for your fans to engage with you, whether they're leaving a message, making a donation, browsing your rewards, or checking out your fan leaderboard.

Also, these distinct page sections give us a way to automagically transform the page... depending on whether you have monetization turned on or off, and whether you're using a banner image or just keeping your page more simple.

New Header Banner

The new header banner gives you an easy way to customize your fan page a bit more.


This header banner is totally optional, so if you choose not to have one, we just collapse the banner area, and any elements that belong inside that banner area gets shifted to other areas on the page.

New Fan Page Welcome Video

Now, you can upload a welcome video to greet your fans to your fan page. This is in addition to the videos you can associate with each Audio Inbox.

Website - Fan Page Mockup (3)

This is a great way to let fans know how to best engage with you when they arrive at your page and to thank them for their support! (only available on paid accounts).

Redesigned Link Buttons

Now, we've organized all your outbound links neatly inside 2 buttons, your "listen on" links and your "connect" links.


By doing this, we're drawing fans quicker into your fan page to engage, while still making it easy for them to find you elsewhere.

Enjoy Your New Fan Page!

That about sums up our new fan page.

As we alluded to earlier, we're super excited about this update and look forward to making this fan page the HUB of all your fan activity.

With this slight product adjustment, we've opened up a whole world of possibilities of other interesting actions your fans can take to more deeply engage with you and your podcast.

Hope you and your fans enjoy this update!