We just released some features to help you organize and display your audio messages better! You'll find all these new changes in your dashboard inbox.

Here's a brief summary of the new updates!


Pinned Messages

When you "pin" a message, the message will be displayed at the very top of your show page. This is a great way to show your fans some featured fan messages, and give a good example of the types of messages you appreciate from fans. To find your pinned message in your inbox, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter for your "pinned" messages

Private Messages

You can toggle any message to "private" if you want to hide it on your show page. This comes in handy if you don't want a message to be public, but you also don't want to delete it. To find messages you set as "private" in your inbox, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter your "private" messages.

Tag Messages

To give you a versatile way of organizing your messages, we introduced the concept of "tags". Just go to any message, and you can now tag that message using any tag you want. Just click on "manage tags" to add, edit, and delete tags you use for your show. We start you off with 2 useful tags you can use: Follow Up and Add to Episode. You can always edit these tags to whatever you find is helpful. To find messages you've tagged, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter your messages by the name of your tag.

Hope this helps makes PodInbox messages a bit more useful and manageable!