New updates and improvements to podinbox

  1. New Chat Rooms Feature!

    New Feature

    You can now enable a text-based chat room on your fan page to help build your community!

    For a while now, y'all have asked for a feature to let fans interact with each other. So, we created chat rooms. Chat rooms are a simple and effective way for podcasters to build community and encourage audience engagement. Fans want to chat with each other and connect around a common interest…your podcast. PodInbox chat rooms provide a turnkey solution for this.


    And being an integrated feature in our fan page platform, podcasters can optionally monetize their chat rooms with a flat-fee or a monthly subscription, by making it a private chat room.

    How It’s Different

    Unlike other more complex community platforms and dedicated chat apps, PodInbox chat rooms are simple. It’s a real-time, text-based chat, that conveniently lives right on your PodInbox fan page.

    We see it as an entry point to activate passive listeners. Chat should be a low-barrier fan action. When fans participate in a chat room on your fan page, they’re taking the first step into being a member of your community.

    It's not designed to be something overly complex or burdensome, like Slack or Discord. Rather, it's meant to be lightweight and welcoming, like a YouTube live chat.

    Also, we want to help podcasters know their listeners. So when a fan participates in your chat room, we organically capture them right in your PodInbox contacts list.

    If you already run a membership group, like a community, course, or cohort...we still a chat room is a good "first step" into your other paid offerings.

    How It Works

    PodInbox chat rooms are available on all PodInbox account tiers. You can enable or disable your chat room with a simple toggle.

    You can easily set your chat room’s cost for access…with options being free, one-time payment, and monthly subscription. The exact pricing is totally customizable. Creating a private chat room is a great way to monetize and reward your engaged fans.

    You can learn more about our new Chat Rooms here. Enjoy!

  2. New Improvements & Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    Just wanted to announce several new improvements and fixes we just added!

    NEW - Leaderboard Toggle On/Off

    You can now toggle the Leaderboard on or off on your Fan Page!

    This new setting is pretty easy. Simply login to your dashboard, click "monetization" from the main menu, and on the Leaderboard tab, there's a new toggle option to "Show Leaderboard on Fan Page". If you toggle it off, the leaderboard will no longer be displayed on your Fan Page.

    NEW - Customize The "Leave a Tip" Label

    Some users wanted to customize the area on the Fan Page where it says "Leave a Tip". We loved that idea! So, now you can easily customize that to say whatever you want! (well...within 20 characters max). Some ideas might be "Support My Podcast", "Buy Me Dinner", or "Donate Now". It's up to be creative!

    NEW - Reward Level 1 Can Now Be Toggled Off

    We really encourage you to create some reward levels...both to reward your fans for their support, and to earn more money!

    But, we recognize some of you might not be ready to launch your reward levels yet. So, now you can turn your default reward level to draft until you're ready to publish your rewards. When ALL your rewards are toggled off, the entire rewards section just disappears from your Fan Page.

    Your default 1st reward level is still set at $1. If you're not into a $1 reward level, no worries. Just keep this reward level off and create more reward levels at whatever price you want!

    NEW - Contacts Now Has "Added" Date

    We thought it'd be nice to know when a new fan was first added to your contacts list, so we added the date a fan was first added to your Contacts List. Just a reminder, Contacts List is viewable for Paid accounts only, so just head over to Contacts List to see the new "Added" column.

    FIX - Video Avatar Now Works in Safari and iOS

    There were some issues with our Video Avatars (for the welcome video and inbox video). Now, it's working across all browsers!

  3. Fan Page Redesign!

    New Feature

    Up until now, we've given you a PodInbox "show page", where your fans can go to leave you audio messages and fan donations.

    Our simple show page design was great when we first launched with only an audio recorder. But since then, we've added at least 5 more actions your fans can take on your show page! With these extra added features, and even more coming, we realized our simple page design can now use an update.

    So today, we're excited to announce that we're now referring to your public "show page" as your PodInbox "fan page". Groovy right?!

    More importantly, we're releasing a brand new fan page layout, with a couple of extra features!

    Here's a sneak peek of the new look!

    Website - Fan Page Mockup (1)

    What's New

    As you can see, the page has ALL the same functionality...but looks a lot more interesting visually and way more intuitive for your fans to interact with the growing list of features.

    Here are several things to note in this new redesign.

    Intuitive Page Sections

    We pretty much broke down our page into 3 main page areas...

    • Header Section
    • Audio Inboxes
    • Fan Monetization

    By separating out these 3 main sections into unique areas on the page, it makes it much more intuitive for your fans to engage with you, whether they're leaving a message, making a donation, browsing your rewards, or checking out your fan leaderboard.

    Also, these distinct page sections give us a way to automagically transform the page... depending on whether you have monetization turned on or off, and whether you're using a banner image or just keeping your page more simple.

    New Header Banner

    The new header banner gives you an easy way to customize your fan page a bit more.


    This header banner is totally optional, so if you choose not to have one, we just collapse the banner area, and any elements that belong inside that banner area gets shifted to other areas on the page.

    New Fan Page Welcome Video

    Now, you can upload a welcome video to greet your fans to your fan page. This is in addition to the videos you can associate with each Audio Inbox.

    Website - Fan Page Mockup (3)

    This is a great way to let fans know how to best engage with you when they arrive at your page and to thank them for their support! (only available on paid accounts).

    Redesigned Link Buttons

    Now, we've organized all your outbound links neatly inside 2 buttons, your "listen on" links and your "connect" links.


    By doing this, we're drawing fans quicker into your fan page to engage, while still making it easy for them to find you elsewhere.

    Enjoy Your New Fan Page!

    That about sums up our new fan page.

    As we alluded to earlier, we're super excited about this update and look forward to making this fan page the HUB of all your fan activity.

    With this slight product adjustment, we've opened up a whole world of possibilities of other interesting actions your fans can take to more deeply engage with you and your podcast.

    Hope you and your fans enjoy this update!

  4. New Fan Page Welcome Video

    New Feature

    We surveyed a bunch of fans using PodInbox and realized these fan pages can be a bit impersonal. Fans are looking to connect with you, the podcaster. They're used to hearing your voice, and they want some personal greeting and guidance when arriving at your PodInbox fan page.

    For this reason, we created a new feature we call...the fan page welcome video.

    Before, you were only able to upload a video to each individual inbox. Those videos are great, but they were a bit too buried within an inbox.

    Now, you can upload a video prominently on the parent fan page.


    This video is super effective, cause it'll likely be the FIRST thing a fan notices when they arrive at your PodInbox fan page. Because on your fan page, they'll see this prominent animated button that we call...your video avatar.

    Blog Post (16)

    This video avatar is a muted version of your actual video, so fans will be compelled to click it. When they do, they'll see a popup of your full-sized video welcoming them to your fan page.

    Best Practices

    We really recommend uploading a welcome video to greet your fans, and in your video, let them know how to best engage with you.

    To upload a fan page welcome video, just login to your PodInbox dashboard, and click on "fan page" on the main menu. There on the "details" tab, you can now upload your welcome video.

    By the way, you can still upload individual inbox videos, to give more granular instruction on what you want for each inbox.

    These videos support both portrait and landscape layouts, but we'd suggest creating portrait videos with your phone camera, maximizing your presence in the video, for best results!

    Blog Post (16) copy

    Also, videos should be no longer than 1-minute long.

    Currently, these videos are only supported on the paid Pro and Business plans...not on the free Hobby plan.

    These video avatars are yet another super fun way to engage your audience, so be creative when creating your video!

  5. One of our most beloved features is our Contacts feature, where we help you collect the names, emails, and social media handles of your superfans in PodInbox.

    Yes, most podcasters have no idea who their listeners are, so we always teach you to at least...know your superfans. It's these fans who actively engage with you, who you should know about.

    But, you don't just stop at knowing them, we've always taught podcasters to put them on your email list.

    Blog Post (16)

    Now, with our Mailchimp integration, we make it VERY easy to push all your PodInbox contacts into your Mailchimp newsletter list.

    How It Works

    With our new Mailchimp integration, you can now connect your Mailchimp account, export all your contacts to your Mailchimp audience list, and keep your new PodInbox contacts synced...all in under 1 minute.

    Blog Post (15)

    To set this up, you'll need a paid PodInbox account. All you'll have to do is...

    • Login to your PodInbox dashboard
    • Click Contacts on the main menu
    • Click on the Integrations tab
    • Click "Connect Mailchimp" button

    This should take you through the Mailchimp OAuth flow, and securely log you into your Mailchimp account. Then...

    • Authorize PodInbox
    • Select the Mailchimp audience you want to sync
    • Click the "Save" button

    That's it!

    Now, that you're connected, if you have some existing contacts in your PodInbox Contacts, just click the "export" button to push all your contacts to your defined Mailchimp audience.

    And going forward, whenever you receive a new contact in PodInbox, that contact should be automatically pushed to your designated Mailchimp audience.

    We hope this makes getting your podcast newsletters that much easier to do.

    If you don't use Mailchimp, you can always use our download CSV feature to upload to your email service provider. This is our first email service integration, and we'll be making more like these in the future!

  6. New Reward Levels Feature!

    New Feature

    Fan donations just got MUCH more powerful with our new Reward Levels feature!

    Now, with Reward Levels, fans can "unlock" various Reward Levels you create for them...making fan donations a lot more fun and enticing!

    Blog Post (10)

    What Makes Us Different?

    This is worth explaining a bit first...before we dive into how this new feature works.

    We're not gonna lie. We're taking a big risk here, as this fan support pattern is very different from the myriads of other fan support platforms.

    At PodInbox, every design decision we make is through the lens of how fans engage with their favorite podcasters. With this perspective, we often try to consider if there are better ways for fans and podcasters to exchange value for value.

    With other fan support platforms, we believe they are way too transactional. The transaction pattern is basically no different than an ecommerce shop. You create several products at a set price. The buyer comes to your page to browse those products. The buyer buys a product at your set price.

    There's no fun in this. It's just basic ecommerce. And there are plenty of platforms you can create this shopping experience with...using platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, and other creator economy platforms.

    How Our Reward Levels Work

    Our new Reward Levels work way differently. Fans "unlock" the various Rewards Levels you create, based on each fan's cumulative donations. This is a VERY important distinction. We designed our rewards system this way to encourage fan encourage superfans to keep supporting give fans MORE value the more consistently they give over time.

    We sometimes use the word "gamification" to describe our overall monetization platform. It's not the perfect word. But, it does capture the essence of "fun" we want you and your fans to have with all our monetization features. We encourage fans to support their favorite podcasters in the spirit of fun and appreciation...not shopping.

    Creating Your First Reward Level

    Alright, now let's dive into how you actually use this feature!

    First, you'll need to activate monetization for your PodInbox page. So if you haven't done so, navigate to the Monetization screen on your PodInbox dashboard, and connect your Stripe account.

    Once Monetization is active, you can go to your PodInbox Show page and see your Reward Level 1 by default.

    Blog Post (12)

    This default reward is to help get your fans donating and active on your leaderboard...which is why we set this reward amount at $1.

    You can create as many Rewards Levels as you want. For all Reward Levels, you can customize the Reward Description, Unlocked Description, and Minimum Amount.

    First, the Minimum Amount is what a fan needs to reach based on the fan's total donations.

    Once the fan reaches the Minimum Amount, the fan will unlock that reward and receive the Unlocked Description. This Unlocked Description is simply a text field, but can represent any prize or reward you're willing to give your fans. Use your imagination and creativity!

    Some ideas for unlocked rewards could be:

    • A shout-out on your podcast
    • Access to your weekly newsletter
    • A 1-on-1 Zoom call
    • Access to your online community
    • Your private RSS feed
    • A 1-hour coaching session

    ...and the list goes on.

    Once a fan unlocks a reward, they will always be able to access that unlocked reward on their PodInbox dashboard. Even when you archive a reward, fans who've earned that reward will still be able to access it. For that reason, rewards cannot be deleted, only archived, so that new fans can no longer unlock them going forward.

    You can always create a reward with the exact same Minumum Amount as an archived reward, but you can't have 2 active rewards with the same Minimum Amount.

    For our in-depth guide on our new Reward Levels feature, we created an entire section in our knowledgebase titled: Reward Levels. Check it out for more details!

    We can't wait to see all the creative ways you implement Reward Levels to engage your podcast fans!

  7. Our New WordPress Plugin!

    New Feature

    We now have a PodInbox WordPress Plugin! Our new plugin lets you easily add our floating widget to your WordPress website. This is a great way to start collecting audio messages from your website visitors and have their messages go directly into your PodInbox inbox.

    Blog Post (5)

    The PodInbox WordPress plugin couldn't be simpler. Installing and setting up the plugin should take less than a couple of minutes. After your plugin is set up, the PodInbox floating widget will appear on all pages of your WordPress website, ready to record audio messages from your visitors.

    WordPress Plugin Screenshots (2)

    To set this up for your WordPress website, simply....

    • Search for the "podinbox" plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, and install the plugin.
    • On your WordPress plugins page, click "settings" under the PodInbox plugin.
    • On the PodInbox Plugin settings page, it will ask you for your PodInbox Show let's go get it.
    • Login to your PodInbox dashboard, and click on Show Page.
    • Click on the Widgets tab, and with Floating Widget selected, copy your PodInbox Show ID.
    • Now, head back to your WordPress plugin and paste your Show ID, and click save changes.
    • Finally, toggle "enable floating widget on your website, to "ON" and click save changes.

    That's it! Now, you'll see the PodInbox floating widget on all pages of your WordPress website, ready to collect audio messages from your fans! The audio messages your fans record in this widget will go directly into your PodInbox inbox, ready for you to playback, download, and reply to.

    Some FAQs about our PodInbox WordPress plugin...

    - The plugin is totally free and creating a PodInbox hobby account is totally free.

    - With a paid PodInbox account, you can control some of the design options of the widget.

    - Visitors leaving audio messages in the widget will need to create an account.

    - Since visitors need to create an account to leave a message, we capture those contacts and make them accessible to you in your PodInbox dashboard.

    If you're having issues with the PodInbox WordPress Plugin...

    - Try changing the script placement inside the Advanced Settings of the plugin.

    - Make sure you have at least 1 active PodInbox inbox for your show.

    - Make sure you copied the correct PodInbox Show ID.

    - If all the above doesn't work, please email us at

  8. PodInbox Integration with Podpage

    New Feature

    Now, you can easily add your PodInbox floating widget on your Podpage podcast website!

    For those who don’t know, Podpage is a great option to easily build your podcast website. It helps podcaster get their website up in minutes, and it's a quicker DIY alternative to custom WordPress websites for podcasters.

    The PodInbox and Podpage integration couldn’t be simpler. By activating this integration, you embed the PodInbox floating widget on all pages of our Podpage website. You can set this up in just a matter of minutes.

    To set this up, simply….

    1. Login to your PodInbox dashboard, and click Show Page on the main menu.
    2. Click on the Widgets tab, and copy the Show ID under "floating widget"
    3. Login to your Podpage dashboard.
    4. Click on “Integrations” on the main menu
    5. Scroll down to PodInbox, and click the “connect” button
    6. Paste the Show ID you copied earlier, and click “save”


    That’s it! Now, you’ll see the PodInbox floating widget on all pages of your podcast website. The audio messages your fans record in this widget will go directly into your PodInbox inbox, ready for playback and download.

    Please note that although our PodInbox floating widget is free, you’ll still need a paid Podpage account to connect this 1-click integration with our floating widget.

  9. Seems like all the cool kids these days have a floating widget on their website. You know, the ones on the bottom right corner of the website. But, who has time for live chat?

    Well now, you can put a PodInbox floating widget on your own website to collect fan voice mails! When your website visitor clicks open that floating widget, they can simply leave their audio message right from your website!


    Whether you're using a popular page builder like Wordpress, or any other podcast website host...just paste your custom embed script in the header of your website, and presto, your PodInbox widget appears instantly!

    This floating widget is fully integrated with your PodInbox account. This means that any messages captured in the widget will appear directly in your PodInbox dashboard and public show page.

    Best of all, every contact captured with this widget will be stored in your PodInbox Contacts list.

    This widget is available on all account levels, so that means for both free and paid accounts. For paid accounts, however, you can customize the widget with your own colors, icon style, and widget placement.

    Just login to your dashboard, click on "show page" from the main menu, and this new floating button widget is under the "widgets" tab.

    This new floating widget is yet another way we're helping podcasters engage their fans in fun and convenient ways!

  10. We've been waiting to do this for a long time. As of today, we finally launched our free Hobby plan!

    Yup, we decided to give most of our core product away for free, so that ALL podcasters can use PodInbox for as long as they want, before upgrading to a paid plan.


    As a paid plan user, you're still on our BEST and most recommended plan! With our Pro and Business plans, you can access our premium features that are not available on the free Hobby plan, including...

    - 0% platform fees on fan donations

    - Contacts List

    - Mutli-Inbox

    - Welcome Videos

    - Embeddable Widgets

    ....and we're going to continue making our paid plans a LOT more powerful.

    That said, this new free Hobby plan is a great way for ALL podcasters to use PodInbox absolutely FREE!

    We know a bunch of you have been waiting for our free version to arrive before you REALLY start telling your podcaster friends to try PodInbox. Well, now is the time! Our free Hobby tier is available starting today!

    Please, tell all your podcaster friends to sign up for PodInbox on our free Hobby account! It's not just a free trial, it's a free credit card is required. And don't worry, we're gonna keep this free Hobby plan around FOREVER.

    The reason we're able to do this and not go bankrupt is with this free Hobby account, we're charging a 5% transaction fee on fan donations. So, we ONLY take a small percentage when the podcaster makes money.

    There's truly NOTHING to lose with this new free Hobby plan. So get your friends to sign up and use PodInbox to engage their fans, accept audio messages, and monetize their audience!

    The more we can get PodInbox to grow...the more we can make PodInbox the best fan engagement platform for ALL podcasters!