New updates and improvements to podinbox.

  1. We just launched a new feature that enhances the profiles of your fans! This makes leaving and sharing audio messages on your PodInbox show page a bit more fun and social.

    Just click on a fan's display name, and it'll open a little popup with some fan their display name, bio, website, and social links.

    Here's how it looks:


    When your fans engage with you on your PodInbox show page, you and other fans can learn a bit more about them in a social way. It's just a subtle way of giving back to your fans, by promoting them when they take the time to engage with you and your show!

  2. This has probably been our single most requested feature since we launched...the ability to embed a PodInbox widget on your website. The reason some of you wanted this is to give your fans the ability to leave audio messages directly on your website.

    Well, you asked...and we listened!

    Today, we're launching our new widget embed feature, where you can simply make our audio recording widget appear right in your website. Here's a peak at how the widget looks!


    Let us brag about this widget a bit!

    1. Our widget integrates with your dashboard inbox.

    - Messages received from your widget will be captured in your PodInbox dashboard.

    2. Our widget comes in 2 flavors right out-of-the-box.

    - As an inline widget or a popup widget.

    3. Our widget requires the fan to create an account or login.

    - This helps you collect fans' contact info and helps minimize spam.

    4. Our widget supports our multi-inbox.

    - If you have more than 1 inbox for your show, your fans can toggle through your inboxes right in the widget.

    To Use The Widget

    To Use The Widget, login to your Dashboard > Show Page, and click the new "Embed" tab.

    There, you'll see 2 options: the inline widget and the popup widget. These 2 options let you be creative with how you want to integrate PodInbox into your site.

    The inline widget lets you put our widget directly onto your page, wherever you want the widget to appear. Just copy our embed code, and paste it directly into your HTML. Once you load the page, our widget will appear where you added our embed code.

    The popup widget lets you use our widget as a popup modal. This means that you can set up a link or button on your website to activate our recording widget as a popup. This is a great option if you have a lot going on in your page already, and just want to use a link to open our recording interface. Simply add our custom HTML attribute to your button or link, include our script code in that page...and viola, our recording widget should now appear on your page when a visitor clicks that link.

    Well, we hope you enjoy this feature, and we can't wait to see the creative ways you might integrate it into your website!

  3. A lot of our users tell us that they're driving their fans to their PodInbox page than to any other website they own. That's awesome! Since PodInbox is becoming a primary landing page for fans, we wanted to make sure fans know where else to find and follow you.

    With this new feature, you can now showcase your outbound links on your PodInbox show page. This gives your fans quick links to your email, podcast website, social media profiles, and to your podcast on the popular podcast players.


    To get started, simply go to your dashboard, then to your show page, and under the "links" tab, you can click on the various link icons to add them to your show page. After you enter the actual URLs in the fields and press save, the corresponding icons will appear on your show page.


    Hope you enjoy this new feature! Just another way we're trying to help make it easier for you to connect with your fans!

  4. Now, whenever someone interacts with your PodInbox page, you'll receive in-app notifications in our new notifications widget.


    This new notifications widget lives on the top bar in the dashboard, and the bell icon will light up when there's a new notification. Some examples of notifications you'll see in there are when fans leave you messages and when fans like messages.

    Once you click into the new notifications widget, the new messages will be highlighted, and all your new messages will be marked as read when you exit the popup.

    As we continue to build out PodInbox, we'll add more useful notification messages in there that will help you stay updated will all your PodInbox activity!

  5. This is a huge update! We now support multiple inboxes per show page!!

    We learned that many of our customers want to have separate inboxes on their PodInbox show page to collect different types of audience voice messages.

    For example, a podcaster might want to create separate inboxes for listener questions, stories, feedback, and rants...and have separate prompts for each. Another podcaster might even create a new inbox for a new episode topic every week.

    With our new multi-inbox feature, you can get creative on unique ways to engage your audience using PodInbox!


    How It Works

    Every pro account comes with our new multi-inbox feature. If you want create more inboxes, all you need to do is:

    1. Log in to your PodInbox dashboard
    2. Click "show page" to manage your show page
    3. Click the "inboxes" tab
    4. Click the "add an inbox" button (this creates a "draft")
    5. Fill out all the required fields
    6. Save your new inbox
    7. Toggle the new inbox "on" to make it public on your show page

    It's that easy.

    You can add as many inboxes as you want, and delete them if you no longer need them. Just be careful with deleting inboxes, as that will also delete all the audio messages belonging to that inbox. Alternatively, you can also just toggle inboxes "off" to hide them on your PodInbox show page.

    Multiple Inboxes on Your Show Page

    Now on your show page, your fans can swipe or click through to your other inboxes if you have more than one. The inbox in the center of your show page is the active inbox. We display all the audio messages of an inbox under the active inbox in the center.

    To change the order of your inboxes, just go to your dashboard > show page > inboxes tab, and drag the inbox up or down to rearrange the order. This will change the order of your inboxes on your public show page.

    Managing Inbox Messages

    To view and manage the audio messages of a specific inbox, just go to your dashboard > inbox, and in the dropdown menu, select to view all messages or just messages from a specific inbox.

  6. We just released some features to help you organize and display your audio messages better! You'll find all these new changes in your dashboard inbox.

    Here's a brief summary of the new updates!


    Pinned Messages

    When you "pin" a message, the message will be displayed at the very top of your show page. This is a great way to show your fans some featured fan messages, and give a good example of the types of messages you appreciate from fans. To find your pinned message in your inbox, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter for your "pinned" messages

    Private Messages

    You can toggle any message to "private" if you want to hide it on your show page. This comes in handy if you don't want a message to be public, but you also don't want to delete it. To find messages you set as "private" in your inbox, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter your "private" messages.

    Tag Messages

    To give you a versatile way of organizing your messages, we introduced the concept of "tags". Just go to any message, and you can now tag that message using any tag you want. Just click on "manage tags" to add, edit, and delete tags you use for your show. We start you off with 2 useful tags you can use: Follow Up and Add to Episode. You can always edit these tags to whatever you find is helpful. To find messages you've tagged, just click the "Tagged" tab and filter your messages by the name of your tag.

    Hope this helps makes PodInbox messages a bit more useful and manageable!

  7. Now, you can invite team members to help manage your PodInbox account!

    Even though PodInbox is super easy to use, it can still be useful to give your team members access to your account to help manage your audio messages. For example, if you work with an editor, you can invite them as a team member to download audio messages from fans to include on your episodes.

    Or, if you have a co-host that also needs to access the account, you can now include your co-hosts as team members. They'll also have access to reply to fan messages from their profile!

    Activating this feature is simple. Just login, click "account" in the main menu, and click the new "team" tab. Once there, all you need to do is click "add team member" and provide their email. That's it! Your team member can now create a free account and access your account.

    And if you ever need to remove that team member, that's also super easy. Just go to the team tab and click "remove".

    Hope you enjoy this new feature! It's just another way we're making PodInbox easier to use in your podcasting workflow.

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    We are just getting started on this mission, and we have a bunch of exciting features planned to help you grow your podcast. As we continue to build and refine our product, we'll announce all our new features, improvements, and bug fixes here.

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